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A Wondrous Soul

Welcome to my third solo art exhibition. 

A deep connection to the natural world has always been at the forefront of my art practice. For as long as I can remember, I have found inspiration in the outdoors or natural events, the feeling of being absorbed into a fleeting, natural moment where one must be still to connect with the natural world and experience that feeling of wonder and awe. The increasingly connected and technologically immersed world we experience in our daily lives, from urbanisation to the addicting nature of social media has resulted in that connection to nature and our world is disrupted. Our ability to connect is being forgotten as we steadily surround ourselves with the ever more manufactured and artificial designed world of humans. I feel this detaches us from the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the grounding and positive effects of nature that increase our sense of happiness, health and responsibility to our natural world.


In this collection of work, I explore my connection to nature through moments of awe and wonder. Unpacking the mental and physical aspects of being present and connected to nature. Realising the process that I subconsciously go through when I allow myself to be fully immersed in the natural world. With each artwork, I strive to follow the same gentle, beautiful call of nature to connect you with the natural world. I believe that the more people connect with the natural world the more that they will feel responsible for its care. Our world needs healers, healers of the environment and our spirit. Plant more trees, find happiness in beauty and nature, instead of replacing that void with manufactured goods and remedies.


Leading up to this exhibition I have been fascinated with two things. Shirin Yoku (Forest Bathing) and how the experience of wonder can connect us with nature and each other. Shirin Yoku is the Japanese practice of immersing all your senses into being in nature. The ability to walk through nature and be totally conscious of the smells, sounds, tastes, touch and sites. Breathing in the forests, slowing yourself to its pace and being mindful in that moment. Forest Bathing has been found to reduce anxiety, depression and a multitude of other ailments which affect human beings living detached from nature. Through the artworks in this exhibition, I intend to create little windows into that natural world, with the hope that they provide my audience with a glimpse into the elusive places where we meet nature, and experience some of the benefits of Shirin Yoku.


My work is realistic because I feel the need to replicate the colours, forms and beauty in nature to stimulate the positive effects of being immersed for my audience. The figures in the work play an incredibly important role as they put “YOU” into the landscape. Not only are the works designed to immerse you in the gorgeous natural world but I want you to connect, to wonder, to be curious and hold your gaze on these paintings for more than 90 seconds (a TikTok video), and see if you can experience one of these fleeting moments where we meet nature.


Our attention spans are growing smaller the more we fill them with the sensory overload which is social media, advertising, notifications, to-do lists and fast urgent tasks. In this collection of work, I want to be an antidote to the sensory packed lives we live. To allow my audience to connect, the ground themselves, and benefit from natures beauty. It's an invitation to slow down to the pace of the forest, be lulled by the swells of the ocean, trace the forms of windswept rocks with your fingers, wonder at the forms of the micro-worlds of moss, leaves and stones. Connect, breathe and find the peace and happiness nature can give you. 


-Teresa Small


View by booking only.

Join me on the opening night for a personal tour of the show, hearing the stories, inspirations and methods behind the paintings. Enjoy a complementary beverage while experiencing the soul of this wondrous collection.​


These works will be hung for seven days and view by appointment. 

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